Director of Design

Raven Parmer is originally from Birmingham, AL and received a professional B. Arch. degree from Auburn University in 2007. She spent a semester abroad in Merida, Mexico, and did two summer internships in New York, NY. After graduation, she worked in New York, NY for a couple of years before returning to Auburn to pursue a master’s degree in Integrated Design and Construction. After graduating, Raven moved to Louisville, KY and in 2012 joined DKN , where she is the Director of Design. Her career goals include having the flexibility to work while traveling and being able to spend some time abroad. 

In her free time, she renovates her old house with her husband, cares for their three children and four animals, does yoga, and reads. She loves to travel and plans to take her kids to all 50 states before they go to college. 

Question:  When I was 5, I was pretty sure I’d be a ___________ when I grew up.
Answer: Architect, teacher, or a doctor. 

Question: Cats or dogs?
Answer: Dogs. But I like cats too. And birds, raccoons, foxes, alpaca, horses, etc….

Question: If I could invent a holiday, it would definitely involve ____________.
Answer: Paid time off.

Question: If I won the lottery tomorrow, I’d ________.
Answer: Travel, buy another home to renovate, start an animal shelter, work to provide quality affordable housing to people.