Interior Designer

Nadya Grilo (LEED/NCIDQ) grew up in Louisville and attended Miami University, where she graduated in 2005 with her BFA Fine Arts. She has more than 10 years in the industry gathered from her background both in and out of the US. Nadya has brought her previous experiences as an interior designer, project manager and real estate portfolio manager for the US Embassy in Brasilia with her to DKN in 2022 where she specializes in commercial projects. As Nadya adds to her diverse career portfolio she aims to “continue to work on creative projects that bring me joy”.

Outside of the office, Nadya enjoys traveling and trying new foods.

Question: If I could invent a holiday, it would definitely involve ___________.
Answer: Sleeping in and getting spa treatments

Question: Cats or dogs?
Answer: Dogs

Question: What is the most inspiring part of your job?
Answer: Endless possibilities / options. The “aha” moment when you land the perfect option.